Our Story

Hey there, friend! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Megs, owner of The Mud Dress Boutique and mama to four wild little munchkins!

I imagined owning a boutique for years but it was only after my struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety that I finally found the courage (thanks to the support of my amazing family!) to take a chance on my dream. The first steps weren't easy, but my husband was there to cheer me on and remind me that it was okay to have aspirations beyond raising my family!

My fun side hustle quickly became a full-time gig and in the midst of all this happening, I had a lightbulb moment (cha-ching!). During my own mental health struggles, I had felt so alone. I felt like no-one in the world was broken like me. I thought everyone else had it all together. But when my business forced me out into the world, do you know what I discovered? No-one has it all together.

It’s taken me building this boutique from the ground up to realize that we are all just floating about in this big world every day trying our best to make ourselves proud of the legacy that we leave behind. So if I can help reach at least one woman through my business, then this entire journey will have been worth it. And with the Lord by my side, all things are possible.

We are so glad that you are here and want to be a part of our fun tribe!

XOXO, Megan